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Competent marketing, actively selling landing page and sniper-like precision of context
advertising at a price of a one-pager.

Your product needs a bright and alluring packing?

Advertising campaigns devours youк budgets in vain?

Need a profitable supplementary sales channel?

Need to test a profitable niche fast & cheap?

You have a site, but no sales?

Want to leave copious competitors far behind?

Going to introduce new product or service on a market?

Your business needs high sales?

Need to increase an average cheque?

    Landing creation within 7 days

    from 300 $

    Order the landing page creation –
    and during next 24 hours you will get:

    Smart prototype of the
    future website

    Base marketing analysis of
    your niche and competitors

    Marketing solution for
    your situation

    Estimated cost of the
    landing in 3 variants

    Clear business development strategy from Allmark experts and a ready-to-use
    template of consumer attracting sales channel just in 24 hours after the landing creation order.

    Do you need a landing page?

    Those who made landing pages the main sales instrument

    Representatives of small and middle-size business

    Landing pages combine the simplicity of sales and stability of future profits.

    Trainings, seminars and conferences organizers

    In these spheres selling one-pagers generate over 87% of orders.

    Realtors and brokerage houses

    Landings are easy to use and allow flexible content management for better targeting your target audience segments.

    Financial and legal services

    Landing pages are the most universal and powerful instrument for the serious business.

    Insurance experts and consultants

    Landing pages contain only what is crucial for the potential customer – and the contents really engages to make an order.

    Manufacturers who need an additional sales channel

    Landing pages help to get new customers within a week after its creation has been ordered.

    Selling of an elusive, unique and pricy goods

    Landings are a powerful persuasion tool that easily dispel even most serious doubts.

    With Allmark you get an actively selling one-pager that converts visitors into customers – and a professionally attuned and configured context campaign, bringing those who really need your services to you.

    7 Ingredients of an Actively Selling Landing Page

    how a perfect landing page is created

    Every professionally developed landing is unique. It contains everything needed for converting a visitor into a loyal client – and nothing redundant.
    Creating such a masterpiece is the work for a team of true experts of their craft.

    1. Quality assurance
      and analytics

      Even after the landing page creation the work isn’t done. Without professional quality assurance, constant testing and analysing it’s impossible to reach great results. And to perform the needed split-tests, creation an adjustment of the context campaign with minimal monetary investments, one needs a true professional.

    2. Adaptation for
      mobile devices

      To date more and more Internet users browse the web using mobile devices. No wonder Google and other search engines began to give priority to the sites, optimized for portable gadgets. That’s why Allmark team always create sites that are displayed properly both on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Thus we achieve maximal usability – and provide the best search results.

    3. Search systems

      Want to get clients not only from pricy context advertising but also from search engines? then your landing page must be created taking all the contemporary subtle moments of SEO into account.

    4. Competent

      Long page loading time is is a death sentence for the conversion. A talented programmer and template designer is needed to ensure instant loading even while using contemporary graphic effects and plugins.

    5. Professional
      visual design

      Design and structure of a landing page must not only be useable, individual and captivating. they must prevent a visitor from switching to another browser tab. Therefore they must underline the most important moments – and must not distract from the essence of your proposal.

    6. Selling

      Catching titles. Vivid and colourful descriptions. Subtle psychological manipulation and soft guidance of a potential customer, both showing your features and benefits and eliminating objections. Your client won’t notice when he’d considered to make an order.

    7. Deep marketing

      If you want the landing to sell your goods and services actively, it is vital to dive into the features of the market, to learn it’s hidden sides, find most effective means to distinguish yourselves from your competitors and figure out what “hooks” you can use to get a hold on your potential customer.

    And you can be sure: Allmark team knows how to put every step of the landing
    creation and launch into effect perfectly.

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    Allmark: creating landings that really sell

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    Our landing pages actively
    work for their owners

    Full immersion
    into business

    thorough investigation of the niche
    and target audience features

    Realistic terms and
    adherence to deadlines

    No delays, outstandings of other
    “surprises’ typical for other companies

    Average return of investments –
    2 months

    Effectiveness of our landing
    pages is an objective measure

    Work on the treaty

    All your investments are legally protected

    Payment methods

    Ordering a landing creation in Allmark, you can pay for our services either шт the usual way (50% i advance, 50% – on delivery),
    or you can pay for the landing creation fully in advance, gaining personal discount.

    We accept payments in any payment method convenient for you.

    Гарантии и возврат средст

    Guarantee and refunds

    Allmark Company concludes formal contract, including paragraphs considering refund terms, with each of the clients.

    Ordering the landing page creation you get high-quality service, confirmed by formal contract, international and Ukrainian law.

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